Monday, January 28, 2013

Terms: Potter, Impending Crisis, Chapters 1-9

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, nationalism, David Wilmot, Slave Power, Negrophobia, antislavery men, conciliationists, Lewis Cass, popular sovereignty, free soilers, Nicholson Letter, Barnburners, Hunkers, Conscience Whigs, Liberty Party, little magician, holocaust of blood, Legend of 1850, Calhoun March 4 speech, Daniel Webster March 7 speech, William Seward, Higher Law, Clay’s Omnibus, Fugitive Slave Law, Finality, Constitutional Unionist, Georgia Platform, personal liberty laws, Pacific Railroad, little giant, Appeal of the Independent Democrats, Kansas Nebraska Act, Know Nothingism, William Walker, James Gadsden, Greytown, John A. Quitman, Ostend Manifesto, The War in Nicaragua, The Knights of the Golden Circle, Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company, Platte County Self-Defensive Association, Bleeding Kansas, Pukes, Lecompton, Topeka, Charles Robison, Jefferson Buford, Sack of Lawrence, The Crime Against Kansas, Preston Brooks, Charles Sumner, John Brown, Army of the North.

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