Monday, December 3, 2012

Final Exam Study Guide

Final Study Guide; Birzer
History of the Early American Republic (aka, “Jacksonian America”, H302)
Final: Worth 40% of your semester grade

I will provide the blue books for the exam.  For each section, I am assuming your knowledge of the books assigned and the lectures given.  You will be graded on knowledge as well as wisdom.

Section 1.  Possible essay questions.  The essay is worth 35 percent of your final examination grade.
  •   Explain why and how democracy, nationalism, and imperialism intertwined during the time period, 1807-1848.
  •   Did Republican Virtue survive the Second Great Awakening?  Why or Why not?  If so, how?
  •   Compare Tocqueville’s and Calhoun’s criticisms of democracy.
  •   In what ways did the emerging culture of letters shape, delimit, or influence the Early American Republic, 1807-1848?

Section 2.  Ids.  You will be given six, and you will have to answer four.  In each of the four, be sure to address the how, what, who, where, when, and, most important, why (that is, the significance and context).  Each answer is worth 10 percent of your final examination grade.
Bank Veto
Battle of the Alamo
Book of Mormon
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
Daniel Webster
Democratic Party
Force Bill
Henry D. Thoreau
Henry Clay
Indian Removal Act
James K. Polk
James Fenimore Cooper
John Tyler
John C. Calhoun
Joseph Smith
Martin Van Buren
Moses and Stephen Austin
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nicholas Biddle
Orestes Brownson
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Santa Anna
South Carolina Exposition and Protest
Tariff of Abominations
Texas Revolution
Thomas Hart Benton
Trail of Tears
Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo
Ursaline Monastery Riot (Massachusetts)
Webster-Hayne Debates
Whig Party
William Leggett
Winfield Scott
Zachary Taylor

Section 3.  25 short answer questions.  This section is worth, roughly, 25 percent of your final examination grade.


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